The past 6 years I have been couponing. I organized my coupons in the coupon wallet shown. It worked for me. I had different categories, but I would miss coupons. I would get home and realize I skipped over a coupon I could have used. 

I have researched different organization methods. I have heard some just throw them in their purse or in a box. I could never do that. To me it would take too much time to find the ones I need and too easy to miss good ones. 

Another option is to not clip the coupons. Leave them in the full insert like they come every week. Then only cut the coupons you want to use when you are ready for them. I like this idea since I hate clipping coupons. However, I think it would be too easy to miss coupons I could be using. 

My new method… The Binder. I have heard for years about people using a binder. It scares me! I don’t want to carry a huge binder into the grocery store. However, I am super excited to try it out. I have started one check it out here

I challenge you to find the coupon method that works for you. Something that will keep you organized. Something that will promote you saving money and gaining a whole new life! Leave a comment and let me know your plan! 


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