Coupon Trends!

Did you know there are 367 billion coupons printed annually and according to recent reports those coupons average $1.44. That is a lot of potential savings for the average consumer. However, in 2009 there were only 3.3 billion coupons redeemed!

Another report said that 82.9 percent of people in the $25,000 – $50,000 income range used coupons, the highest usage of any income group. Why aren’t all income groups using coupons? We as consumers I losing $1000s of dollars each year by not using coupons. Is it not worth your time to keep money in your pockets? If I spend 2 hours preparing my coupons and shopping list and save $50 that trip I just paid myself $25 per hour! I go shopping 2 times a month and save $50 each trip that is an extra $1200 a year in savings. That would sure make a nice vacation! Add that up for the next 20 years and you have saved $24,000. That is a nice car. This is just the beginning, save even more if you are stockpiling and getting rock bottom deals!

All this being said, coupons are worth everyone’s time. Manufactures are giving you free money, take advantage of it. Why are you paying more than you have to? Why not save more?

Start today and starting saving for your future!

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One Comment to “Coupon Trends!”

  1. A few months back, I purchased a handful of items at my local Walmart and as usual, I used my coupons. After the cashier rang me up, she said, “Wow! You did really well! You just saved $8 on these few items with only 3 or 4 coupons! I have never been much for couponing, but I think after seeing how well you did today with so few coupons, I think I might have to start!” Some days I do better than others with coupons than others, especially since I’m not one to study sale ads and map out shopping trips around maximum savings, but for me, saving any $$ is better than paying full price any day : )

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