Electronic Coupons are coupons that you can load on to your shoppers card! There are several sites you can can do this with and it depends on your you store if they participate. It is really easy! You just visit the site, register your shopper card number(s) and add your coupons. Check back often for new coupons sometimes they will send you an email notice of new arrivals. Be sure to read the specifications for each coupon so you get the right item/amounts to redeem the coupon, if not, it simply will not register. Each coupon can be used once and usually will register even if you are using a paper coupon too! 

Cellfire: Coupons added on Sundays for the following stores
•City Market
•Fred Meyer
•King Soopers
•Pay Less
•Tom Thumb

Coupons are updated for Cellfire on Tuesdays for these stores:
•Giant Eagle
•Shop n Save 

Shortcuts stores:
• Bakers
• Carrs/Safeway
• City Market
• Dillons
• Cominicks
• Food 4 Less
• Fred Meyer
• Fry’s
• Genuardi’s
• Gerbes
• Giant Eagle
• Hilander
• Jay C
• King Soopers
• Kroger
• Owen’s
• Pavilions
• Pay Less
• Ralphs
• Randalls
• Shop n Save
• Smiths
• Vons
• Tom Thumb 

Proctor & Gamble Coupons:
• Safeway
• Carrs
• Dominicks
• Genuardis
• Pavillions
• Randalls
• Vons
• Tom Thumb
• Kroger 

Click to see their store list… Too many to list! Their coupons are updated monthly 

Also check your individual store’s website they often have their own coupons listed there as well. 

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