Name Brand vs Off Brand

You might be thinking that coupons don’t make sense. Why not just buy the off brand and save some money. This is true. There is definitely and opportunity to save if you aren’t a brand loyalist. However, this is not always the case. It is important to look at all the brands, prices, and coupons you have available to be able to make an informed decision about every purchase you make.

1. Look at the whole shelf at the store. If you notice the most expensive items are at eye level, be sure to compare everything.
2. Do you have a coupon? If so, determine if the price with the coupon is better than the off brand.
3. Also look at the sizes of the packaging. Sometimes it is worth buying the bigger package since it may be cheaper per ounce/liter/piece. However, it may be cheaper to buy two smaller units in which you can use two coupons.

Just keep an eye out. I have passed on coupons in the past because my thinking was this: Even if this goes on sale it won’t be cheap enough.

I have learned that isn’t always the case. Be open-minded about the brands and keep the coupons of items you may not want to pass up if there is a great price.

My example from the other night:
                      Kroger single roll paper towels are $0.68 (I think and may have been on sale)
                      Bounty single roll paper towels were $1.09
                      2 coupons for $1 off and I got them for $0.18 saving $1.18!

Wish I had more coupons so I could stock up. This is also a good example of where buying smaller and not in bulk is more effective.

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