Chocolate Anyone?

This is kind of a post to touch base and survey some of you. Last week, I was introduced to Xocai which is a healthy chocolate. Yes, chocolate is healthy in moderation and dark chocolate is the best type for you which is where Xocai comes into the picture. What if you could eat 3 pieces of chocolate a day and ditch those prescription drugs you are taking to keep your body in check? What about drinking chocolate and losing weight? These are the benefits people using Xocai are seeing.

I am not trying to sell you on the idea, but wondering if any of this piques your interest. I am interested in signing up to sell and to eat it, but it isn’t exactly cheap. However, my coupon mind sees it as this, if Troy can use less prescriptions each month or less vitamins and supplements it may save us money in the long run. Is there a price on a healthier you?

Have you heard of Xocai before? Do you  want to know more? Would you be interested in buying it or selling? I would need 3 people to sign up under me to pay for my monthly supply 🙂

Please leave me your comments below. I am seriously considering joining, but really want to see what the interest is with my readers. Thanks for your help!


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