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June 16, 2010


I am a guide for ChaCha! I have been an Independent Contractor for ChaCha since Fall of 2008. I enjoy doing ChaCha since it allows me to make a little extra money while I am at home with my daughter!

What Is ChaCha?

ChaCha is basically a human powered search engine. Info Seekers/Customers ask a question via a text message to 242242 or by calling their question in to 1-800-2ChaCha, call has unlimited questions. A human guide, such as myself, will respond with a quick answer in the form of a text message. All questions are free to ask! Standard text message charges may apply based on the Info Seekers phone plan. Info Seekers ask anything and everything from a simple request for a phone number to their local restaurant, a complex physics question and anything else they possibly wonder about or need to know.

ChaCha currently has around 55,000 guides who are registered. We answer over a million questions a day. Half a Billion have been answered in the last 2 years. ChaCha is the fastest growing text-based services. ChaCha recently passed Google and is the #1 SMS search service according to Nielsen Mobile. ChaCha is the fastest growing Top 100 website according to Quantcast and has over 10 Million monthly US unique visitors.

Here are articles about ChaCha

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How Can I Make Money with ChaCha?

ChaCha guides are people who like to learn new things. We are moms, dads, grandparents, students and everyone in-between. We enjoy helping others find the information they are seeking. We enjoy a challenge and we enjoy making extra money! ChaCha is going to make any one rich, but it has helped many guides in the time of illness or unemployment. It allows me to have extra money for trips and fun things for my daughter.

The best things about being a guide are there are no fees and no quotas. I am able to work as little or as much as I would like. If I only have time to answer one question that is all I do. If I am working and my daughter needs me I can sign off. Or if I need to make $10 today I can do that too. I can work 24/7. There are always questions coming in. If you are a late owl get working at night.

There are three positions Guides hold for ChaCha. Voice Transcribers transcribe any called in questions. Expeditors answer questions such as business phone numbers, clean up the questions by putting them in sentence and grammatical formats and they send the question to a Specialist/Generalist if they are unable to answer the question. Specialists/Generalist sign up for categories they have knowledge in and search the internet to find reliable sources to answer any questions the Info Seeker is asking.

Pay is per question and varies based on the position. Voice Transcribers make $0.03 per question. Expeditors make $0.02 per question and Specialists/Generalists make between $0.10–$0.20 per question. Although the pay varies most guides make $2.50-$5.00 per hour with the average being around $3 per hour. Each guides speed per question handle time is going to vary so pay can vary greatly. Speed does come with time as you learn the process and get familiar with the tools you are given.

Contests allow a boost of pay. There are many days where there a ‘special’ questions floating around. If you get one (you won’t know which one it is) you get a bonus for answering correctly. I won $10 for doing my job correctly last month. These special questions have been worth as much as $300 in the past. There are also some days where the more questions you send the more bonuses you get. So the opportunity to make more per question is definitely there.

ChaCha is currently running a referral program. Each active guide referred we receive 10% of their pay. This 10% is funded by ChaCha, not removed from the earnings of your referral. Now is a great time to sign up and recruit to take advantage of the extra 10% you can earn. It may not last long!

Want to be a ChaCha Guide?
Go to and please use my referral email (if there is an issue entering it trying typing it in and make sure there are no spaces before or after the email address)

You must be at least 18 years old and a US Citizen.

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