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June 17, 2010

E-Mealz – Meal Planner

Menu Planning was a stressor for me each week. First come up with 14 meals (shop once every 2 weeks). Then figure out what coupons and sales are going on. What ended up happening is each week we ate the same things over and over again since they were easy meals and I didn’t have to look up more recipes. It was like we were in a food rut.

I went on the search for a menu planner so I didn’t have to make one each week. Then I found E-Mealz on Facebook! What a great idea. They do all the work for you: the menu, the recipes and even the grocery list! All I have to do is print everything out, add anything else I need and match my coupons. It is exciting to see what new meals we get to try.

Endorsed by Dave Ramsey it is a cheap way to keep yourself organized and out of the food rut!


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